To the editor:

In a letter to the editor last week, a writer extolled the great accomplishments of the Trump administration and expressed his support and admiration for Donald Trump.

Interesting interpretation of the facts which, not surprisingly, left out one rather crucial element — that Trump has tried, and is still trying, to destroy our Constitution. There is no doubt what Trump is doing is a direct and dire threat to our very democracy, but this doesn’t seem to bother this writer.

Trump and his faithful minions are consistently lying about the outcome of the election, even thought it was overwhelmingly judged to be free from any significant voter fraud. It simply isn’t necessary to spell out in detail the facts proving the election was not “stolen” as that has now been done hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

No matter, as the Trump fanatics will never accept the actual provable fact that their demi-god lost the election. They are either ignorant of the facts, don’t want to know them or are lying. Continuing this fraud, this lie, that the election was stolen from Trump, is doing, perhaps irreparable, harm to our democracy.

I assume there may be a very few Trump supporters who are concerned by his effort to overthrow the election, but there are many more servile sycophants who grovel at the feet of this sociopathic con man who will eagerly trample our constitution and shred our democracy in their besotted devotion to this Machiavellian grifter.

I will give these people some credit for their creativity. They have conjured up mind numbing, dimwitted, conspiracy theories to validate their bizarre beliefs, such as the Venezuelan effort to hack our election or the “fact" that it wasn’t Trump who unleashed a violent mob on Jan. 6, rather it was done by “undercover federal workers.” Wow, is this creative genius or what?

The actual facts are not so creative. They are indisputable and damning, but Trump fanatics will never believe them. They will, however, attack someone like Ray Gilmore, a rare Republican who has the courage to tell the truth. And the very simple truth is if you support Trump you are aiding and abetting a man who would destroy our democracy to protect his power and wealth.

All great societies throughout human history have come to an end, some cataclysmically through wars or national disasters, some through internal strife and decay. Make no mistake, our democracy today is perhaps in the greatest risk in our history — a risk from within. These rabid Trump fanatics can and will literally destroy our republic if the majority of Americans who truly support, honor and abide by our Constitution don’t get involved.

Dave Van Note


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Some of what you say makes sence, On the other hand 🖐 You have to break an egg to make an omelet.If Donald Trump were to have continued his prsidency America and citizens would still be on the path of self alliance and independents. We investicated and pummeled what we had for for a fool breaking all the eggs and has no clue how to make an omelet. The Chinese leader has the right idea, Take care of your people and country and back off on the" Acts of God" . He will have his way , not the planet.


While not a trump fan, the two impeachments of him were definitely coup attempts or attempts to overturn the tragic loss to hillary. Pot, meet kettle.


You nailed it, and Trump waiting in the wings for another shot at the title is what nightmares are made of.

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