To the editor:

The beautiful American flag that we fly outside our porch window occasionally reminds me of my time in Vietnam. I was a prime mover drive with an artillery battery. Whenever we moved from one fire base to another, my 5-ton truck was the lead vehicle. What an honor it was to be at the head of the convoy proudly flying our American flag!

This last Jan. 6, our president was exhorting a mob of angry, misinformed citizens to attack our U.S. Capitol building. One person was seen beating a Capitol police officer who had been dragged out into the courtyard. The weapon of choice was a pole with the American flag attached. As a result of this insurrection, people died, people were maimed, and areas of our Capitol building were left in shambles.

As a nation, what have we become? On Monday, June 14, we celebrate Flag Day. Are we going to display and honor Old Glory, or are we going to beat someone with it?

David Olson

Center Conway

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Scott Shallcross

Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate leader, called the January 6th insurrection an insurrection! RedVet's attempt to rewrite history in partisan terms (a Democrat invention) only weakens our nation. McConnell said, "They (the Trump loyalists) tried to disrupt our democracy. They failed. They failed. They failed to obstruct Congress. This failed insurrection only underscores how the crucial the task before us is for our republic." Of course, Liz Cheney offered even stronger language and Kevin McCarthy denounced Trump for not doing more to "quell the brewing unrest and ensure President-elect Biden to be able to successful begin his term."


Nice speech Scott, but it completely overlooks the facts that have been slowly dripping out about what actually occurred.

And quoting politicians, who by nature are self-serving cowards and will say anything that is expedient at the time doesn't help your argument.

BTW, they have started to quietly backpedal on their initial statements as more information has been released.

And of course, you know that President Trump did offer to send in troops but his offer was denied by the Speaker of the House.

So there is that too.

So, keep believing the Myths if they make you feel better and provide you the comfort you need. I prefer to deal with the facts and reality.

Keep turning a blind eye to the rapid degradation of our Country: Building a wall around and fortifying the Capitol, unending riots, Illegal immigrants flooding across our borders, a crashing economy, encouraged racial division, total indoctrination of our youth with Marist propaganda disguised as "Racial Equity", a complicit Media, and a complete lack of awareness or leadership in the White House.

Yup, it's all good...


What happened Jan. 6th was wrong and those involved should be prosecuted, fairly and proportionately.

That being said, calling it an “Insurrection” is a gross overstatement and a narrative invented by the Democrats to propel a myth. It was not an armed insurrection; It was a mob that got out of control and in some cases the Capitol Police practically invited them inside for a tour (check the videos).

Riots are what happened last Summer, complete with mayhem, vandalism, lootings, arson, and many injuries of innocent citizens and law enforcement personnel, and yes even deaths, causing billions of dollars in damage, that we all witnessed. And they continue ‘til this day.

The FBI's Counterterrorism Division did not recover any guns from January 6th.

Were guns fired? Yes, by a Capitol Police Officer.

An "Insurrection" is a planned overthrow of the Government. What President Trump did was tell the crowd of legal protesters to march "peacefully and patriotically" to the Capitol. That is not planning, ordering or suggesting an “Insurrection”, or a riot.

There was a total of 4 deaths at the Capitol of which 3 were medically related, 1 woman was shot by the Capitol Police. All Trump supporters.

Capitol Police Officer Sicknick died a day later, on Jan 7th, of unrelated causes. He was than used as a prop to promote a false narrative. He was not beaten over head by a fire extinguisher as claimed.

The bottom line is the supposed Jan. 6 armed insurrection wasn't! The only shot fired was by a Capitol Police officer, killing an unarmed woman who had served 14 years in our Air Force who posed no physical threat requiring the use of deadly force.

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