To the editor:

And the sea is around her

And the druids of past

This is Ireland

A history steadfast

The gulls are flying

Holding up air

The grasses the green

In eyes everywhere

And the cliffs they are holding

Like others it’s true

The past that is present

For all in full view

The lads and the women

The harp is their song

History playing

It’s here they belong

For they are the spark

For the fire they saved

Their song goes beyond

Which is held in their graves

For they are the wind

The clouds and the rain

For they are the Irish

The one and the same

The beat from the drum

Is the same in their hearts

The flute and the strings

They are all one in part

So listen to the music

And the spirits lament

Feel the pride the tears

Where lifetimes were spent

That say we are here

And here is where we stay

Together for Ireland

Whether at home, or

Far away.

D. Boland Bianchino

North Conway

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Very nice. Thanks for 'tat!

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