To the editor:

Caution: Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) may cause dementia, especially in educated idiots. Please allow me to explain.

Ever since Donald Trump wiped the floor with Broom Hilda von Pantsuit four years ago, causing the Crooked Clinton Foundation donations to dry up faster than a puddle in Death Valley, liberals were traumatized to the point of hysterics. Civilization will end, the stock market will crash, nuclear war is certain, millions will die, warning tags will be ripped off mattresses, toilet seat covers will be left up, babies lollipops will be stolen by the bully-in-chief, etc. etc.

OK, let me get to the point. Clear evidence of TDS can be found in the opinion pages of the Daily Sun. From the beginning of Trump’s triumph up to now, Trump hate mail has been dominant from day one. Week after week we witnessed the same “Trump sucks” letters over and over again, by the usual dozen drooling wannabe columnists waiting for their chance to replace conservative Tom McLaughlin. (You know who you are.)

Either they are too deranged to realize how often they repeat themselves, like one of your elderly senile relatives who constantly asks how you’re doing in high school 35 years after graduating. Or, they just think that we’re all too stupid to realize how dumb they think we really are. Or both.

Hey guys, how about blessing us with some feedback listing the accomplishments of your dynamic duo of Joe and Kamala? The list would be as blank as Amy Coney Barrett’s notepad at her confirmation. You get the picture?

This has been my opinion.

Bill Catalucci


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(3) comments


if Trump loses i will be amazed, however, i am glad to see all of the BIden signs up here this year. I don't think i saw any Hillary signs four years ago. Neither candidate is a good fit for america, and lets face it, both parties are just different wings of the same bird. Neither work for you and I (unless you are a millionaire or a corporation of course) .

Here's hoping Trump loses! However, if he wins, he is the President this country deserves! A laughingstock country. I'd use the language your lord and savior Donald Trump uses to describe other similar countries around the world, but i am sure it would be censored on this site.


Now that Biden's son was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, the wannabe columnists are picking on Trumps kids. to stay in practice.


Zero sense of irony Bill. Do you remember the letters you wrote about President Obama? I do. Talk about a Derangement Syndrome.

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