The GOP has lost its way. I hope that they are swept from all levels of government in the coming weeks, such that they will never be a threat to our nation again. Here is why.

Jan. 6 was the worst thing that any president or political party has ever done to American democracy. Instead of standing up against the actions of the disgraced former president, the GOP has embraced his lies, covered his legal fees and done everything within their power to make excuses for that horrible day.

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Here is how we know you are a new convert to the Democrat Party:

Your over-the-top, one-sided disdain for the Republican Party you claim to be a member of.

Each one of your arguments has at least one counter to support a Republican perspective, yet you decidedly and purposely didn't even bother to defend your "own Party's" point of view. Instead, you jump right into the opposing Party's talking points and propaganda with all the contempt and surety of a new zealot convert.

Why not be honest and make your declaration of faith to the current Democrat Party and embrace all of the [failed] policies and strategies that have brought us to where we find ourselves today?

Stop your charade.

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