I was supposed to be outfitted with new hardware Thursday, but the hospital called and told me there’d been a cancellation, and I could opt to have my hip replacement Monday. I’ve been debilitated for nearly three months, so I jumped on it like MTG on Jewish space lasers/Tucker Carlson, loving father to three daughters, on the “C” word/Donald Trump on E. Jean Carroll. You pick. (Hint: there’s no wrong answer.)

My sorry tale begins in February when I thought I’d thrown my back out. After two weeks of agony, I called my chiropractor and learned he was out with COVID. In my miserable state I resorted to alternatives. A massage provided no alleviation. At the walk-in I was prescribed prednisone and told I’d be better in 24 to 48 hours. I was not.

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I like that I'll start taking you seriously when you become as critical of Joe Biden and his mental acuity, racist background, and corrupt multi-billion dollar dealings. Or, when you start calling out Racist Media pundits like Joy Reid, or Al Sharpton. Or, politicians like Maxine Waters, Rashida Tlaib, or Ayanna Pressley.

How about some commentary on the continued spiraling economy, job cuts, and obvious inflation/recession? How about our muddled foreign policy?

Give it a whirl. You might surprise yourself by what your research finds when you look beyond your echo chamber.

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