It's off to the trial we now go

We're sure this will be quite a show

"They stole our election"

Incite insurrection!

The government he'd overthrow.


On display senatorial hypocrisy.

America's fragile democracy

Donnie strove to destroy

(Yes, he's been a bad boy!)

In his quest to secure an autocracy.


First comes House manager Raskin

Conscientiously wearing a mask in

His dead-on slam dunk

All doubt did debunk

Is conviction too much to be askin'?


We watched as a lawyer named Castor

Presented a blundering disaster

He came unprepared

He meandered, he erred

We prayed he'd just wrap it up faster.


We saw Rand Paul mockingly doodle

Any hope for high standards was futile.

With head tilting down

Thus exposing his crown

He looks like my mother's pet poodle.


And then there's seditious Ted Cruz —

That complicit inciter of coups.

What smoking gun?

("You've already won")

This entire defense merely a ruse.


When new evidence came to light

There ensued a "surprise witness" fight

The circus arena

Balked at a subpeona

Since wrong trumps what's right on the right.




So Raskin concluded his case,

The GOP gauging Trump's base.

Trial steeped in collusion,

A foregone conclusion...

A true legislative disgrace.


The voting was soon underway

Integrity on full display

With eyes toward the polls

Forty three sold their souls.

"Constitution get out of our way!"


And then spoke an old man named Mitch

For four years he served as Trump's _____

He was "woke" from above

But when push came to shove

No surprise that he scratched his own itch.


In the chamber are back slaps and laughter

Morality hangs from a rafter.

Have it your way

Soon will come judgment day

And your legacy in the hereafter.

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