BARTLETT — According to complaints seen on social media and heard in calls to the press, it’s been a rough start to the season for Vail Resorts, Inc., the Colorado-based ski area giant, which purchased Attitash Mountain Resort in Bartlett and Wildcat Mountain in Gorham as well as Crotched Mountain in southern New Hampshire from Peak Resorts in 2019 as part of a purchase of Peak’s 17 ski areas for $264 million.

Vail officials responded this week to allegations brought forth by some longtime skiers of both Attitash and Wildcat about inadequate snowmaking, lift problems, labor shortage issues and a lack of open skiable terrain so far this low-snowfall season (see related story).

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Yaspar Kyashred

Utah skiers were horrified when Alta began using the Ikon pass system. Suddenly, the parking lots were overflowing every day, the runs were crowded, and the prices went through the roof. That has been Vail Resorts' legacy: outrageous ticket prices and crowded runs. Vail Resorts is a cancer on the sport of skiing.


Evil empires

With Ikon pass and Epic pass we are buyi g into greed and coruption. Mom and pop resorts will be a thing of the past. Lines will get longer and longer at these corporate resorts. One company will rule them all.

Everytime i go to a vail resort or big mountain its one run and done. Lines for the lift that would make six flags seem like childs play. Boycott #vail / boycott #epicpass / #boycott ikonpass.

Dont wait till its to late


I can’t agree more. One additional issue not mentioned in the article - a total lack of communication with pass holders about what is going on at the mountain. The new website has almost no information, almost nothing on social, no snow reports, blog posts, or emails. If you call the mountain, it directs you to voicemail. The longtime kid programs are now running, but not listed anywhere. I could go on and on. Given all the issues, the mountains should be over communicating with passholders about what the problems are, why they happened, and what they are doing to fix them. We’ve been skiing at Wildcat for 12 years now and we love the mountain, but this year will be our last if they don’t fix these issues.

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