Keith Badger salutatorian speech

Keith Badger is the salutatorian for the Kennett High Class of 2020. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Keith Badger is the salutatorian for the Kennett High Class of 2020. He delivered his speech remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Keith, who will head to the University of New Hampshire in the fall, had his speech air Friday night on Valley Vision (Channel 1301) and on the Kennett High YouTube station on the internet.

Here is Keith’s speech: “So you've probably been in this situation before, you come home and your parents ask, ‘How was your day at school?’ You say, ‘Good.’ They ask, ‘What did you learn?’ You say? ‘Nothing.’ But this isn't necessarily true.

“You think the answer to that question has to be academic, but it doesn’t. There are all sorts of things you can learn outside the class literally, walking on the right side of the hallway.

“The point is to join something you just don't recognize. It's true that you learn more about the specifics of what you're going to do later after high school, but that's not what high school is about. Think back to your most memorable moments here. I doubt they were all in class. In fact, I bet most of them weren't. They were when you stood up to your friend, when you scored that game-winning goal or when you did something really cool for a science project. What all these things have in common are that you did something that you cared about. And you can learn a lot about yourself by seeing what you care about.

“That's the value of high school. When you're given us many opportunities to experience different paths as you are here, you're bound to find something that you enjoy and to give some of those classes that you didn’t like a silver lining, at least you know you don't like those subjects for the future. Because how could you have known unless you try.

"So in the four-year adventure of high school don't think of any experience wasted, because each one teaches you something. It just might not be what you expect.

"I've seen this class grow each year. Friends and classmates have gone from clueless freshmen to nearly full blown adults. And they helped to understand the value that changed in the same way I do.

“So for the class of 2020, I challenge you to continue your journey of learning. To build off of what you've done here, and to become the best versions of yourself. There is no predetermined way for you to do that. It's for you to find out and I wish you the best of luck.

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