CONWAY —  No one was injured and no property was damaged when a “small homemade device” blew up in Kennett High School on Wednesday,  Kennett High School Principal Kevin Carpenter reported in a memo to parents released Thursday.

Carpenter reported that the incident is believed to be a prank. He said school resource officer Richard Gaudreau and staff responded immediately.

“The investigation concluded last evening and it was determined that at no time was a specific individual or group of individuals targeted in this act,” said Carpenter. “The student responsible was identified. That student will not be in school or on campus and law enforcement officials will be investigating further.”

“I want to thank our students and parents for working with authorities regarding this incident. We can all keep our school safe, if we continue to work together as a community. Please be sure to encourage your students to always alert staff if they see something out of the ordinary or that may cause concern.”

In an email to the Sun Thursday, Superintendent Kevin Richard said: “There is a process for student discipline that will be followed. At this time the student is not in school and the investigation is ongoing. Criminal charges are independent of school process. Authorities have been notified accordingly.”

The Conway School District has policy related to dangerous instruments and weapons in school. Explosive devices are among the dangerous instruments that no one is permitted to bring onto school property.

The policy requires that the school will notify the police if such weapons or devices are found on school premises and provides for a disciplinary hearing to be held.

It states: “After a hearing pursuant to New Hampshire RSA 193:13, any student having been found guilty of bringing a firearm or dangerous instruments and weapons upon school premises shall, as a penalty, be suspended for a period of one year, provided that the superintendent, after considering the totality of the circumstances surrounding the offense, and the student’s previous record, shall have the authority to modify the one year penalty on a case by case basis.”

Conway Police Lt. Chris Mattei said he didn’t have information available for press time.

Terry Leavitt contributed to this report.

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what is going on???? First students kill a duck and now they're exploding devices. Can't we get these kids back inside their homes playing video games so we can all be safe?

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