Henry Edmunds - Task Force Eagle Award

Kennett High senior Henry Edmunds (right) was presented with his Task Force Eagle Award Wednesday at his Conway home by Task Force Eagle Director Joe Riddensdale. (COURTESY PHOTO)

CONWAY — Kennett High School gave out its annual academic awards this week with teachers and staff making house calls to announce the recipients due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year’s award recipients are:

Valedictorian: Amelia Grace Jarell.

Salutatorian: Keith Badger.

Career Tech Student of the Year: Katherine Keefe.

Ken Norton Award: Keith Badger.

Baush & Lomb Award: Kathryn Hawkes.

Gary Millen Award: Bryce Hill.

Semper Fidelis Award: Campbell Jillette and Abby Lyman.

Dick Smith Award Art: Navpreet Bahra.

Dick Smith Award Photography: Cayleigh Mohla.


Computer Science Student of the Year: Katherine Keefe.

CADD Student of the Year: Katherine Keefe.

Business Student of the Year: Nicole Lockhart Rios.

Health Science Technology Students of the Year: Madeline Stewart and Aurora Spaid-Thoreson.

Construction Trades Student of the Year: Ben Davis.

Graphic Arts Student of the Year: Cayleigh Mohla.

Teacher Education Students of the Year: Natalie Shaw and Jackson Ogren.

Advanced Manufacturing Student of the Year: Connor Glavin.

Automotive Student of the Year: Kevin Edmunds.

Culinary Arts Student of the Year: Ebany Spurlock.

Marketing Student of the Year: Celia Lynn.

Task Force Eagle Award: Henry Edmunds.


Literature Awards: Lucie Robert, Kate Keefe, Madelyn Marcotte and Wesley Loughran.

Writing Awards: Aidyn Casetta-Chapman, Sierra Parsons, Kaela Boothby, Owen Henley, Grace Castonguay, Makayla Hall and Lily Holt Tillinghast,

Communications Awards: Annabelle Light, Elizabeth Koroski and Phoebe Lyons.

AP English Awards: Kathryn Hawkes, Sam Alkalay, Bryce Hill and Amelia Grace Jarrell.


Precalculus Award: Bryce Hill and Grace Ruddy.

Trigonometry Award: Christina Solomon and Camden Bailey.

Geometry Award: Dom Saunders, Jocelyn Anzaldi, Leah Alkalay and Theo Castonguay.

Algebra Award: Michael Keegan, Lily Holt-Tillinghast, Nicholas Riley, Tianna Calderon and McKayla Dockham.

Calculus Award: Eva Drummond and Keith Badger.

Statistics Award: Kathryn Hawkes.

Personal Finance Award: Brianna Goldblatt and Charlie Nartowicz.

Math League Award: Helen Hill.

Conway School Board Class of 2020 Awards — All A’s: Helen Badger, Keith Badger, Grace Castonguay, Eva Drummond, Katherine Keefe, Madelyn Marcotte, Josie Phaneuf, Mia Valeriani, Marcel Bennett, Marissa Henry, Sam Hanson, Amelia Grace Jarell.

Conway School Board Class of 2020 Awards — A's and 1 B: Juliana Edwards, Madeline Goldthrope, Jackson Gordon, Abby Lyman, Ciera MacDonald, Raven McAuliffe, Margaret Miller, Gabriel Mohla, Justin Olson, Maeve Weeder, Jack Wheeler, Braeden Bailey, Glennys Chambers, Phoebe Lyons and Helen Hill.


Physical Science Award: Kaia Chakravadhanula, Julia Silvia and Angelina Wilson.

Biology Award: Leah Alkalay and Katie Brooks.

Physics Award: Helen Hill.

Anatomy & Physiology Award: Bryce Hill.

Environmental Science Award: Madeleine Goldthorpe.

Earth Science Award: Adam Sam.


World Cultures Award: Adam Schmidt (for Team 1), Julia Silvia (for Team 2) and Remi Snowden (for Team 3).

History Awards: Atticus Fayle, Anthony Papetti, Elizabeth Koroski, Kaela Boothby, Lucie Robert, Charlie Nartowicz and Sophie Killeen.

AP Social Studies Awards: Sam Alkalay, Amelia Grace Jarell and Grace Castonguay.


Spanish Award: Leah Alkalay, Tessa Capozzoli, Kathryn Hawkes, Christina Solomon and Bryne Fayle.

French Award: Kaia Chakravadhanula, Camden Bailey, Amy Burton, Madelyn Marcotte and Ashleigh Estes.

Physical Education Award: Nathan Grames-Edwards, Theodore Castonguay, Ava Smith and Annabelle Light.

Health Award: Annabelle Light and Jett McCarthy Studio Arts Award: Taylor Williams, Madaline McGrath, Gavin Colbath and Phoebe Cowan. Performing Arts Award: Hayleigh Young, Cameron Mitchell, Sierra Parsons, Julia Silvia, Cadence Pomerleau and Emily Morin.

Freshman Trophy: MaKayla Dockham.

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