Madison theft from cars

Madison police shared on Facebook this image apparently showing someone breaking into a parked car in town. (COURTESY PHOTO)

MADISON — For the second time in November, thieves broke into a series of cars early Monday morning. and one even fired a gun as a warning to a home owner.

Firearms, wallets and other property have been taken from vehicles.

Police made the announcement on Facebook on Monday and provided a photo of the suspects in action.  

"Once again, early this morning, cars at 4 houses were entered into and items were stolen," said the Madison Police Facebook page. "When confronted, a warning shot from a suspect was fired, and can be heard yelling at the homeowner to get back into his house."

Police warn that unlocked cars are being targeted and said that "several local, state and federal agencies are investigating."

They urged citizens to "lock your car doors, and take anything out of value, especially firearms," out of the vehicles.

If people see the thieves, they are asked to "call the police; do not confront the suspects. The faster we're called, the more effective our intervention may be."

On Nov. 11, the Madison force announced on Facebook that there had been a “rash of car break-ins” from Wakefield to Madison, and car owners were urged to lock the doors on their vehicles.

“It’s believed there are three suspects involved, and they should be considered armed,” said Madison Police. “Please call Madison PD with any info. A dark-colored sedan was spotted during a break-in.”

On Nov. 15, Madison Police Chief Bob King confirmed shots had been fired during one incident on Nov. 11. 

He said a car owner whose vehicle was reportedly being tampered with was alerted by a dog barking. The person gave a “short foot chase, and one of the suspects fired a handgun into the air four or five times,” the chief said.

King said 17 cars were hit in Madison in the early morning hours of Nov. 11. King believes the thieves hit Wakefield hours earlier. The Madison vehicles were parked on side streets a mile or less from state roads like Routes 41 or 113.

WMUR reported that on Nov. 11, Wakefield police were looking into at least 13 thefts from cars.

King said he believes there have been a number of reports in the Brownfield/Porter, Maine areas.

On Nov. 15, James Urquhart, chief deputy of Oxford County (Maine) Sheriff’s Office, confirmed he had a deputy working on such cases in that area. 

On Monday, Urquhart provided an update, saying numerous vehicle thefts had occurred early Monday from Lovell to Bethel along the Route 5 corridor.

During the course of several of these thefts, suspects reportedly discharged firearms when confronted by witnesses.

No injuries have been reported; however, property has been damaged from the resulting gunshots, the deputy said. The suspects' vehicle is believed to be occupied by at least three men who are armed and considered dangerous. Investigators believe the vehicle left the Bethel area and traveled toward New Hampshire at about 5:30 a.m. Monday.

The vehicle is believed to be a silver midsize sedan.

If anyone has information about these incidents, they are encouraged to contact the Oxford County Communications Center at (207) 743-9554.

King said call 911 if you see an incident taking place.

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