CHOCORUA — Wetlands are full of wonders, especially in the early fall as things are getting ready for the changing seasons. Join naturalist and Chocorua Lake Conservancy’s Stewardship Director Lynne Flaccus on Thursday, Sept. 23, from 10 a.m. to noon for a "Wetlands Wanders" at Moose Meadows in Chocorua, exploring the wetland edges from ‘forested wetland” to more of a shrub wetland, and the open water in between.

Participants will need knee high boots or sneakers they don’t mind getting wet, and long pants for the tall grasses and “sedges with edges.”

There will be a search for what lives in the water and around the edges, what plants are adapted to having their “feet” wet and where they’re found. This will be an exploration of what makes a wetland special and why they are so important not only for all the critters and plants that live there, but for their role in the ecosystem as well.

The Moose Meadow property includes more than 17 acres of forest, wetlands and field. The property is managed for wildlife, with fruiting shrubs in the field, and bird nesting boxes, including wood duck boxes, in the wetlands.

The Chocorua River provides the boundary on the southwest half of the property with N.H. State Forest on the other side of the river. Protection of the wetlands that feed the river and Lake Chocorua is provided by the state, Chocorua Lake Conservancy and several privately owned properties with conservation restrictions limiting development.

Meet in the Moose Meadows field just off Route 16 across from the quilt shop. Those who have not yet been vaccinated or are less than two weeks from your last shot should bring a mask for moments when social distancing is not possible. Email with your name and phone number to tell them you will be coming so that they can let you know of any changes to the schedule.

Flaccus has more than 30 years of experience in land conservation and stewardship, managing protected properties, studying wildlife, and educating adults and children.

This event is one in a series of Chocorua Lake Conservancy programs held throughout the year to encourage people of all ages to enjoy Chocorua Lake and the trails and woods that surround it.

Go to for information, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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