6-20-19 cannabis dispensary

Sanctuary ATC dispensary manager Forest Steinberg stands in front of the medical cannibis dispensary in Conway. (JAMIE GEMMITI PHOTO)

CONWAY — Sanctuary ATC, Conway's first medical marijuana dispensary will have a ribbon cutting outside its facility Monday. The facility opened in early July.

The facility, open only to clients, not the general public, is located in the former Citizens Bank at 234 White Mountain Highway in Shur-Fine Plaza.

They will have a ribbon cutting ceremony Monday, Sept. 30, 11 a.m.Light refreshments will be served.

"We are not allowed to have anyone but patients with valid N.H. cards in our dispensary so we are planning to have everyone outside," said dispensary manager Forest Steinberg Tuesday. "Hopefully the weather will hold well!"

Steinberg on Wednesday said that the Conway dispensary is doing well. She also highlighted a change in the law.

"Most recently, as you may know, the 3-month provider relationship was nulled, and within I believe now 58 or 57 days, providers (doctors, physician assistants and advance practice registered nurses) will be able to certify within one visit," said Steinberg. "This is important because now patients have the option between cannabis or opiates. This means less individuals hopefully will take opiates and become addicted."

Sanctuary ATC is a non-profit dedicated to providing the highest quality locally grown therapeutic cannabis, service and education to qualified New Hampshire Therapeutic Cannabis patients. Sanctuary also operates a dispensary in Plymouth.

Sanctuary ATC team members will be on hand to answer questions about the therapeutic cannabis program in New Hampshire. They are Grow Manager/Director Sean Gamsjager, Extraction Specialist Jeremy Robbins, CEO Jason Sidman and Medical Director David Syrek, MD. Culinary chef Bryan Rodd may also be there.

To buy medical marijuana in New Hampshire, one must be certified by a treating physician with having a qualifying condition such as cancer, chronic pain or multiple sclerosis.

The security at the Conway dispensary is tightly controlled.

Steinberg, in June, said when a patient seeks to enter, he or she will need to ring a doorbell. Staff are able to see the person though a camera and speak to him or her through an intercom.

Steinberg said they have types of CBD oils that can’t commonly be found in regular stores or gas stations.

She said Sanctuary CBD is made from a cannabis plant rather than hemp, which lacks significant amounts cannabinoids, like THC.

She said the CBD that they sell is much more effective. A chart she provided said that CBD can do things like relieve pain and anxiety.

There are products that can be ingested in a variety of ways, such as smoking, vaping, taking in capsule form, sucking lozenges or consuming in foods like cookies and gummies.

Prior to the opening in Conway there were four ATCs operating in New Hampshire: Prime Alternative Treatment Centers of New Hampshire of Merrimack; Sanctuary ATC of Plymouth; and Temescal Wellness Inc. of Dover and Lebanon.

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