The people who go above and beyond in making a difference in the lives of others are rarely in it for recognition. The holiday season is a perfect time to not just show these selfless people your appreciation but also take inspiration from their spirit of generosity.

Here are five simple ways to say, “Thank you.”

1. Put together personalized gift baskets filled with all the things you know they love. Pick up baskets at your local craft store and start by adding treats they might not buy for themselves. If your recipient is a foodie, think gourmet jams and spices. If your recipient loves doodling or writing to-do lists, a lovely journal and a set of long-lasting G2 gel ink pens from Pilot, available in 25 colors, are a great pair. Snag a pack for yourself and write a beautiful note to go alongside.

2. Send a donation to their favorite charity. Consider thanking those behind the scenes doing the hard work of keeping their communities strong by sending an anonymous donation to a charity close to their heart. Many such organizations depend on the financial support of people like you. Whether it’s an animal shelter, a food bank or community center, take a cue from the giving folks around you.

3. We all know someone who goes beyond their day-to-day responsibilities to help make the world a better place. Let them know just how much their work is valued by nominating them for the G2 Overachievers Grant. For the fourth year, the grant is recognizing individuals making measurable differences in the lives of others.

One exceptional overachiever will be awarded $100,000 to help continue their charitable works and broaden their positive impact. Visit before Dec. 31 to learn more and submit your handwritten nomination. It’s a meaningful way to celebrate someone’s passion for giving and show the impact of their hard work.

4. Give the gift of relaxation. Those always in the service of others could use a good dose of relaxation. Whether it’s with a gift certificate to a spa, entry to a wine tasting or a set of tickets to the movies or a concert, some of the nicest gifts are those that offer someone a chance to unwind.

5. Write a thank you note. There is something so personal about putting pen to paper. In this digital age of emails and texts, a heart-felt, handwritten letter or card can become a true keepsake. With the right tools, it’s easy to let your feelings flow and craft a meaningful message.

For those who give all year long, let the holiday season be your opportunity to give back.

— StatePoint

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