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Pedestrians fill the crosswalks in North Conway Village on a sunny Monday in August 2021. (RACHEL SHARPLES PHOTO)

CONCORD — As the ongoing pandemic continues to impact tourism destinations worldwide, New Hampshire experienced a record-breaking summer and strong year overall according to New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development’s research.

In summer 2021, the state welcomed 4.4 million visitors who spent more than $2.1 billion, breaking previous records set pre-pandemic in summer 2019 and representing a 21 percent increase in visitors and a 5 percent increase in spending for the season. With winter and fall, Fiscal Year 2021, New Hampshire had a record number of visitors at 12.8 million spending over $5.5 billion, equaling $322.6 million in tax revenue.

“My hats off to this state’s incredible tourism industry, going from recovery to record breaking in one season like this,” said Taylor Caswell, commissioner of NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs.

As a result of DTTD’s strategic marketing efforts across paid, owned and earned channels, FY2021 yielded one of the strongest returns on investment measured. The total fiscal year ROI generated $197 in visitor spending for each $1 invested — and $12.08 in tax revenue for each $1 invested. Based on the average visitor spending on taxable categories in the state, FY21 marketing efforts generated more than $35.7 million in state and local taxes (+7 percent from 2019’s $33 million).

“While we still have a long road to recovery, these numbers are evidence that New Hampshire’s dining, lodging and attractions are delivering popular options and memorable experiences at the very time consumers need it most,” said Mike Somers, CEO and president of the NH Lodging and Restaurant Association. “Were it not for workforce shortages and supply chain issues, New Hampshire’s hospitality businesses would have prospered even more during this summer’s record-breaking season.”

Knowing competition would be fierce, New Hampshire made the largest marketing investment in the past four years at $2.4 million.

For the full report, go to visitnh.gov.

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