The team of licensed Realtors at TBrealty Partners, Sharrene Henderson, John Devaney and Theresa Bernhardt (from left), are seen with the newly published edition of 2021 New Hampshire Real Estate Year in Review. (COURTESY PHOTO)

CONWAY — The 2021 New Hampshire Real Estate Year in Review is now out, with statewide and county-by-county statistics on residential and commercial sales over the past year, along with graphic illustrations and informative articles to help you understand what it all means.

An invaluable resource for real estate agents and anyone looking to sell or buy a home, the Year in Review 2021, published by JW Publishing Inc. in collaboration with the N.H. Association of Realtors and the New England Real Estate Network, reports on an unprecedented year for real estate in New Hampshire.

Anecdotally, you can ask any Realtor and find out that the market is booming, but the Year in Review shows just how much.

“It’s no secret that the housing market has driven the economy in the past year,” says Theresa Bernhardt, a Realtor with Keller Williams Lakes and Mountains Realty in North Conway. “The proof is in the numbers, and that’s very valuable content.”

Those numbers include statewide figures that show the median price of a single-family home rose 11.7 percent in 2020, with more than 18,000 of them sold — the highest number of units sold since the New Hampshire Association of Realtors began reporting annual statistics in 1998.

Also remarkable was the turnaround time, known as days on the market, from when a property was listed to when it sold — statewide that figure was 47 days for a single-family home, lower than any previous year. The Year in Review includes similar information on condominiums and details on the top 10 sales in both categories.

Carroll County’s numbers were equally good — with nearly 1,300 single family homes sold with an average of 63 days on the market and a median price of $300,000 (up over 13 percent from 2019).

Also of note in the county, two of the top 10 single-family home sales in the state were in Moultonborough, where they each sold for more than $5 million.

In short, prices were higher and sales were quicker than ever, both statewide and in Carroll County.

Perhaps another indicator of Carroll County’s importance in the state’s real estate market is the fact the publisher has chosen an aerial view of North Conway Village to grace the cover of the 2021 edition.

A member of the board of directors for the White Mountain Board of Realtors with 27 years in the business, Bernhardt says she works with many second home owners to help them find the vacation home of their dreams.

“Many of my clients are second home owners. They’re not necessarily locked into a town or an area, or even a state. They’re interested in seeing what’s out there, in comparing different areas,” she says.

The New Hampshire Real Estate Year in Review also provides information on businesses, health-care providers and educational institutions in each county along with demographic data such as the median age, income and education level of residents — all important information for people looking to move to an area or buy a second home.

It includes a map of migration patterns for the United States and Canada that shows New Hampshire and Maine among the top five states in the nation for people to move to in 2020. The study, done by the moving company Atlas Van Lines, said COVID-19 pandemic was a deciding factor for many.

In addition, this year’s review includes a roundup of notable commercial real estate projects, lists of top places to live and to retire, and a forecast for the year ahead (think low mortgage rates, increased home sales and strong buyer activity).

“Anyone following the housing economy in the state loves this kind of information,” says Bernhardt.

Bernhardt said she is happy to get a copy to anyone who would like one. Contact her at theresa@tbrealtypartners.com or (603) 986-5286.

Bernhardt is not only a Realtor with Keller Williams Lakes and Mountains Realty in North Conway, she is also a member of the board of directors for the White Mountain Board of Realtors. She has 27 years of experience. Find out more at tbrealtypartners.com.

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