To the editor:

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has been solely focused on the development and marketing of vaccines. Why and why is it mandating them?

Why didn't the government try to find an existing medication at the beginning of the pandemic to help save our loved ones lives from COVID-19 infection?

Why did the government allow Remdesivir as an emergency use medication to help with COVID-19 infection but not Ivermectin, a 40-year-old safe, generic, cheap, multi-purpose, anti-viral medication that is saving lives from COVID-19 infection? India is saving lives with Ivermectin. Go to to learn about U.S. doctors saving lives with Ivermectin in their early treatment protocol.

Why didn't the government encourage people to help boost their immunity systems with sun, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Quercitin, exercise, weight loss, healthy eating to help fight COVID-19 infection?

Why doesn't the government take into consideration COVID-19 antibodies and immunity as an alternative to take the vaccine? Studies show that antibodies and immunity are as effective at fighting the virus, if not better, than the vaccine.

Why is the government mandating an experimental vaccine with no long-term studies that doesn’t cure COVID-19, that doesn't stop the transmission of COVID-19, and that may reduce one's personal symptoms? A mandate that will terminate people who choose not to take the vaccine, leaving already short-staffed health-care facilities more short-staffed, negatively impacting the quantity, quality and timeliness of services and care.

Why didn’t the government ever mandate the influenza vaccine? Why mandate the COVID-19 vaccine now? Influenza has been around for over 1,000 years. COVID-19 and influenza both have animal reservoirs and will never go away.

Why is the government basing future Medicare and Medicaid funding of health-care facilities on the number of vaccinated employees?

I would love our government to answer these questions.

Donna Godin


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