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Welcome to The Berlin Daily Sun, published Tuesday through Friday with a daily print circulation of 8,900.


The Berlin Sun, along with its sister New Hampshire papers, The Conway Daily Sun and The Laconia Daily Sun have a combined daily print circulation of 56,000. 


The Daily Sun newspapers are strong, independent voices in their communities and deliver reliable local news to readers and excellent value to advertisers.


Since the first Daily Sun was launched in Conway in 1989 by Mark Guerringue and Adam Hirshan, the Sun newspapers have built a trusted brand in all four markets based on a commitment to high quality community journalism and customer service.


The inspiration to publish The Berlin Sun, which first went to press in 1992, came from former editor Rose Dodge.  Shortly after the The Conway Daily Sun started in 1989, Rose, who for years prior, but no longer, a reporter for the weekly Reporter newspaper, lobbied the owners of the Sun to start a Berlin free daily and provide an alternative editorial voice in the community, a voice that did not play favorites. 


A couple years later the Berlin Sun was launched with Rose, along with another ex-Reporter staffer, Lois Alger, at the editorial helm. 


A year after the launch in 1992 reporter Barbara Tetreault joined the staff, and she and Dodge were the editorial backbone of the paper. 


That same year, 1993, Rita Dube joined the staff as administration support both in editorial and sales, duties as office manager she continues to fulfill. 


Rounding out the current staff are sales representative Lori Lacasse,  reporter Martha Creegan & managing editor William Carroll.


The official and original motto of The Berlin Sun is "Seeking the Truth and Printing it."  As our brand of community journalism has evolved through the years we've also adopted the tag lines " Read Free, Advertise Smart," and "The News That Matters."


They all capture the spirit and essence of our mission, and we hope you enjoy reading our publications as much as we do creating them. 


Mark Guerringue


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