To the editor:

Campgrounds should absolutely not be able to open. We are now in a stay-at-home order. Stay at home means just what it says.

I limit my trips to pick up the mail to one day a week. I avoid traveling south as much as possible, thus only going to a local grocery store, at off-peak times. I no longer pick up The Conway Daily Sun but read it online. We can’t even go to get our hair trimmed during this order.

Camping is far from essential and is the epitome of leaving home. This will bring people into the area thus increasing populations at already strained stores who are having all they can do to keep their shelves stocked. It will increase gatherings unless there are patrols to go through campgrounds policing how many people are gathered.

With resources being strained and hikers being told to hike local thus saving first responders from unnecessary rescues, why would allowing people to gear up and travel even be considered?

What happened to stay at home and stay safe? We must all do our part if we are to see any light at the end of this pandemic tunnel. That includes visitors, tourists, campers as well as golfers. Sorry, playing and having fun are just not essential right now.

Sonia Voegtlin


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I can not believe you people. Playing and having fun is more essential now than ever before. No one I mean NO ONE has the right to tell us to "stay at home", it's the law of the land called the Constitution.


Sonjia, life has to go on. You can hunker down. BTW, campers are by definition 'socially distant'. Usually way more than 6ft from the next site. You are just as likely to be infected by your neighbor as someone from 'away'. Calm down. Carry on.

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