To the editor:

On Sept. 12, The Conway Daily Sun published a letter full of disinformation from a Gennaro D. Massacre of Delray Beach, Fla.

Just one example: The cages holding children were shown on the PBS Newshour, and resulted from the policies set by President Donald Trump and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions treating entry of families into the United States without documentation as a crime subject to immediate arrest; so that when the parents were jailed, the children had to be separated and held in custody elsewhere. 

The Newshour showed Sessions stating that this policy was made deliberately to force the separations of children from their parents in order to deter undocumented families from entering the country.

Despite the diligent efforts of our federal courts, many of these children were never reunited with their parents. If you support that, so be it, but do not publish letters attributing it to former President Barack Obama.

On a hunch, I Googled Mr. Massacre. Nothing came up, except his letter to the  Sun. The last name means 'mass killings,' and was probably manufactured as is often done on social media by spreaders of disinformation.

I wondered why you were publishing so many letters lately from outside this area, and wonder also if the Daily Sun has now joined the ranks of those publishing the garbage on social media that is being been dumped on us in large part by Trump's comrade, Vladimir Putin. A recent bipartisan report from the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee documents this disinformation activity.

Along with many others who have written you, I wish you would take greater care with what you publish. If not by fact checking, then at least by not publishing material that totally contradicts the reporting of responsible news sources like the PBS Newshour.

The First Amendment may protect you, but shrouds you in darkness, not glory.

Sam Farrington


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Bill Scott

Thanks Sam. I wrote a letter very similar to yours, but it was not published. I also concluded that Massacre was a bot, as he has literally no internet presence. There are other writers to this paper that are all too real. For example check out the internet presence of James E. Petrangelo, who recently compared the BLM movement to the KKK. He's brought some pretty wild lawsuits, generally acting pro se, and has wasted the time of federal courts right up to the Supremes, who had to deny cert on one of his more important complaints, that other patrons of the Sandusky Ohio library had done him wrong when they complained about his conduct.

Don't like that one? He complained about a proposed skate board park in this paper. See the stories about the 2d District Court of Appeal's reaction to the one built in 2005 after he moved into his house across the street in 2011! Hint: "Shocking abuse of the judicial system."

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