To the editor:

Michael Callis’ Aug. 7 letter suggested that the U.S. should look to other nations, such as Switzerland and Israel, as examples of how to regulate gun ownership. 

While I think looking for successful examples is a good idea, these two are not so useful. Switzerland and Israel both have mandatory military service, and after serving in their armed forces those gun owners act as a militia. 

That is not what we have in America, where any yahoo can buy a gun with little or no regulation. My dog requires more government oversight than my shotgun here in N.H. There are more guns (390 million-plus) in America than people. That’s a gun ownership rate of well over 100 percent of the population. In contrast, Switzerland has around 27 percent and Israel around 7 percent gun ownership rates. 

Personally, I would never take the NRA’s recommendation on how to regulate guns. They are nothing but a shill for the gun manufacturers. They prey on people’s fears so you will buy more guns. That strategy seems to be working.

Richard Doucette


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Sally Wally

Sir, the NRA is a great organization that teaches kids gun safety and marksmenship and fights for the constitutional rights of all gun owners. Perhaps you have a problem with the constitution. I have had to display a hand gun to save my life. I'm a member of the NRA.

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