To the editor:

I'm exasperated and getting frightened, too. States are experiencing the worst COVID-19 spikes since the pandemic began. Health-care systems are again overrun. Hospitals in some states have begun rationing care, which is code for treating younger patients while letting elderly ones die, if necessary.

Despite these grim realities, President Donald Trump, privately acknowledging the seriousness of the viral threat, continues to pack together his unmasked devotees at super-spreader rallies, telling them with inimitable sarcasm that it’s all fake news; not a problem; our nation is “rounding the corner.”

Now the president's chief of staff, Mark Meadows, has openly acknowledged that the administration is no longer trying to control the spread of the virus. Throwing in the towel — unbelievable, yet a large segment of the population both believes the president and is rewarding his misconduct by parroting the untruths uttered by him and his sycophants on social media and on community chat boards like those in Sandwich and Tamworth, N.H.

If people insist on doing what they want, finding authority in junk science, conspiracy theories, quackery and political liars, I fear more will die and we will not get our economy back.

The real economy is on a forbearance ventilator with a grim prognosis. Echoing the words of great political strategist James Carville, former CDC Director Dr. Tom Friedan, told the NYT in June, “it’s the pandemic, stupid.”

He couldn’t be more right. Meanwhile, the MAGAs, who won’t read or listen to the sensible information given them by experts, insist on casting their lots with the Donald and his coterie of white towel wavers. Rats drowning with the ship, I say. Sad, even scary.

Randy Hilman


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Thank you both for possessing common sense. It's not rocket science, is it.

D. Kelly

Randy, you speak the truth that the Trumpers don't want to hear. They only listen to their fearless leader who is leading this country on a path of destruction. This eiection should not even be about political views but instead listening to the many professionals, Generals, and others who have worked under him and say he is not fit for office.

Think before you vote!


Spot on!


Always with the insults. Vote for who you want , call me a trumpeter and I’ll ignore you and your politics. Elections don’t have to be like that between citizens. Let The President and Biden call each other names . We don’t have to do that to each other.

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