To the editor:

Please consider me to serve on the Conway School Board.

In the past, I have volunteered on Trades Day to teach students about how to build a stone wall. The walls are still there, and the students seemed proud to contribute to the wall’s construction.

Mountain Top Music is renovating the Majestic Theatre and, as a former violinist and viola player for Mountain Top, I would like to embrace it as valuable resource for Conway students as a member of Conway School Board.

In 1993, I gave talks and helped students at Kennett High School with an educational CD on Frankenstein, the art and legends that incorporated local history and Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.”

I have given lectures at Boston College and the New England Media Association on the educational benefits of the Frankenstein educational software program.

Today, I would like to volunteer as a member of the school board to do a study of transportation costs and possible ways to improve and be aware of new technologies that lower the cost.

I understand that any studies would have to be done with the school board’s approval.

Conway spends a great deal of money to educate their young, and there is no reason for them to go into debt to further their education. They need to be aware of the danger of going into debt. They need to be aware of how to meet their life educational goals without endangering their financial liberty.

The bottom line is there are great savings to be made because of new technologies and my goal is to make education affordable and aid students of the Conways and surrounding towns.

I pay taxes in Conway and Eaton, and would be honored to represent my friends in Eaton as well those who pay school taxes and send students to Conway.

Michael Callis


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