To the editor:

I ran for president of the United States in the N.H. Republican primary in 2003 and had two media concerns interested in my campaign, Time magazine and Moscow TV.

The Russians claimed they wanted me to host them on election day to learn firsthand how the election process works. In hindsight, they were not being honest with me.

The Russians wanted to influence and interfere with our election process well before today. The main goal was to undermine the integrity of our election process, and my website challenged the 2000 election because of Supreme Court involvement, and because of this I was a useful idiot for Russian propaganda.

Nathan Thornburg, an editor for Time magazine, arranged several interviews during the course of my campaign. Nathan would go on to promote Vladmiri Putin for Time man of the year in 2008. I did not realize this when I arranged a meeting with Nathan in 2012 to warn him about potential Russian propaganda surrounding my website

Nathan went on to form a business relationship with Anthony Bourdain the world-traveling chef. Bourdain did have a show featuring a Russian dissident that boasted that his being so overt in his criticism of Putin that he would not kill him. He was wrong; he was assassinated after the segment aired.

Both Thornburg and Bourdain learned that it is not a good idea to underestimate Putin.

Today, we know that Putin has been focused on undermining the integrity of our recent elections, but it began long before.

Putin needs American useful idiots to help undermine the integrity of our elections. All Americans should be proud that our most recent election was beyond reproach, period, according to our intelligence agencies. The protests promoted by the twice-impeached president has done much to the delight of Putin, who depends on useful idiots to undermine the integrity of our election process.

N.H. voters should be proud of our secretary of state, Bill Gardner, and his stewardship of our elections in spite of actors foreign and domestic that would undermine our elections.

Michael Callis

Somewhere between Eaton and Conway

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