To the editor:

The book, “Food is Climate,” reveals how little leaders have focused on the primary driver of the big three: ecological disease, degenerative disease and zoonotic disease, all spawned from the same origin. Glen Merzer spells it out in his book.

“Climate change is real, it’s here now, it’s getting worse very fast and the consequences if we don’t fully address it are certain to be utterly catastrophic. People like Al Gore, Bill Gates and Paul Hawken see how terribly dangerous our situation is, but their proposals fall seriously short of what’s needed if we are to have a viable future. And that’s what makes this stunning and highly readable book by Glen Merzer so incredibly important. There are in fact steps we could take that would defeat climate change and save our world, and Merzer makes it clear exactly what they are. This book is an extraordinary antidote to the hopelessness that many of us feel. But more importantly, it may very well present us with the heretofore missing key to solving what is probably the greatest problem ever to confront humanity,” said John Robbins, best-selling author and President, Food Revolution Network.

“Glen Merzer’s book speaks the really inconvenient truth to power: animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change, habitat destruction, human world hunger and preventable human disease. The Powers-that-Be need to read it now. We are headed toward a climate apocalypse if we don’t look at this issue,” said Jane Velez-Mitchell, New York Times bestselling author/journalist.

Laura Slitt


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