To the editor:

On Jan. 6, Republican Reps. Mark McConkey and Bill Nelson of Carroll County voted NAY when there was a vote to suspend the rules and to condemn the violence going on in Washington, DC.

When the Democrats shared the stunning news that two of Carroll County's reps voted "against" condemning violence, Mr. Nelson quickly touched base saying, "It's not true. I voted to condemn the violence."

Let's hope he goes through the motions of having a re-vote. But this points to three concerns: 1. Why did the vote-takers in Concord get this wrong, as Rep. Nelson alleges? 2. Could this have something to do with the foolishness of the GOP leadership calling a meeting of the House of Representatives to gather together in a parking lot leaving some elected leaders unable to attend and some elected leaders needing to vote on bills — get this — using their headlights and car horns? How short-sighted can the GOP leadership be to not think this whole thing through. 3. Will Rep. Nelson even be able to get this fixed? Rather than using proven technology that would both allow all people to fully participate and to ensure accurate voting tallies, GOP leadership (supported by Nelson himself) chooses an oddball, obviously failed, option of meeting en masse in cars without thinking through how they would successfully communicate.

Cars idling for heat. Absence of appropriate bathrooms. Inability to accurately vote. Trouble communicating language. New lawmakers unclear of the rules and not having a mentor nearby to help show the way. Democracy requires intentional nurturing and efforts of goodwill by leaders.

Neither is present as the GOP begins their "leading" this cycle. And by the way, it's the GOP, not the Democrats, responsible for your coming tax hike.

Knute Ogren


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