To the editor:

I am responding to Tammy Shackford's letter in the Sun dated July 17, 2021.

Tammy — YES, I do have something to say to you. Respectfully, I am not sure that you fully understand the eligibility requirements pertaining to the stimulus payments? The reason that I did not qualify for the stimulus money was because my family's combined annual income exceeded the maximum amount.

My husband and I do work and we have worked for 25-plus years, we pay our taxes and we have never received any "government handouts" as you mentioned in your letter.

As for you not receiving your IRS refunds and stimulus money (if you were in fact "eligible"), then, yes, that is NOT OK and you should reach out directly to the IRS to determine why! You have to be your own advocate rather than blaming others such as myself and the IRS. Good luck!

Karen Porter


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Karen, I am not the person you are writing to but you truly live up to your name. Your letter is patronizing and incredibly insulting. I also did not receive my 2020 income tax return from the IRS for over 14 months after filing it. And I did "advocate for myself" as you so delightfully worded it. Ever try to get in touch with the IRS? Ever try to get in touch with the IRS during an ongoing pandemic when they've cut staff and aren't even processing paper returns? Let me tell you what it's like, since I have. The IRS will not let you wait on hold if you call them while too many people are also on hold. They will just kick you off the phone. That will occur at all hours of the day. Even if you call as soon as the IRS office opens, it feels like winning the lottery just to finally be put on hold for a half hour instead of outright being told, "We're sorry, but due to extremely high call volume..." And don't even get me started on trying to get anything helpful out of the IRS staffer on the other end who has been probably been spending the last 12 hours answering calls like yours and takes a tone with you as if he or she thinks you're lower than dirt. Karen, they don't call it "bureaucracy" for nothing. I spent over twelve of those fourteen months just trying to learn WHY the IRS had not sent me my refund check, because I could NOT get through to them. So think twice before you glibly tell a small town North Country local to just "advocate for themselves."

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