To the editor:

I am responding to the elitist Quddus Snyder Ph.D. in Eaton. I just want him to answer, what do you want to do with us dimwits, ordinary folk, uneducated, trailer park dwellers, Southern belles from hell and Republican fiends?

Since you are an elitist who throws his title of Ph.D. around, I guess you feel that you have the right to propose elimination of those who don't have college education, or worthless titles like you.

What exactly is your Ph.D. in? Chimney sweeping? Why isn't that a profession from old times that was done by so called undesirables, low-lifes?

I suppose you feel that those who are against this dementia patient in the White House and the communist, fascist minions running our country should all be eliminated or put into bigger trailer parks called FEMA camps so elitists like you can run everything.

The real fascists are those with useless degrees running for office — people who think their crap doesn't stink. Well I've got news for you, you are a fascist.

You feel you have the Ph.D. to demean people by name calling and you don't want people who don't have degrees like you to attend their local school meetings or have any say in anything to do with their community or even state. These people who you demean are the ones who truly believe in the First Amendment and the other amendments.

We, the people, have the right to our opinions and to our own thoughts about anything and everything — with degrees or without any degrees. We don't need an elitist like Quddus Snyder to tell us how to think, how to live or how to vote.

Dorothy Gardiner

Brownfield, Maine

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Achsel Stinsenson

Gee Dorothy, for someone who doesn't like name-calling, you sure seem to do a lot of it yourself.

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