2023 in its infancy has been eventful, to say the least, as our national political soap opera continues to be supercharged. House Republicans have been busy eating their own while the White House has been engaged in scavenger hunts involving classified documents.

Every day I'm reminded why I remain an independent.

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I am afraid that Ms. Carter is mixing apples with oranges. Right off the bat she is drawing an analogy to our pet animals with human beings. (Granted most dogs and cats are much more preferred in my book). More importantly, she needs to consult history. Rabies vaccination was first introduced in 1885, the COVID vaccines are very short lived and unproven. Furthermore, I object to the government mandating me personally to be subjected to any medical procedure without my consent. Quite frankly, the government especially the current administration has proven beyond a doubt a total incompatibility of running their affairs much less my personal life.

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