I submitted an addendum to last week’s column, but rather than being tacked onto the column itself as intended it was buried in the bio blurb. So for those of you who missed it, i.e. everyone, I am now gall-bladder-less.

Who can I blame for this new status? Whenever possible I like to blame physician Angus Badger, and in this case I can unequivocally do that. It was he and surgeon Kelly Bishop who, upon receipt of updated test results, acted with expediency to avert a potential medical emergency. So you have them to either thank or vilify, depending upon how you feel about the matter.

Speaking of Dr. Badger, his op-ed Friday describes great personal cost as he and medical professionals combat a pandemic the likes of which they’ve not seen. Considering all he’s witnessed and sacrificed, his appeal is simple and benign. Get vaccinated, both for your health and for your community’s health. Vaccination is not a political statement. When you shave away all the ridiculous hyperbole, it’s quite simple. The vaccine will save lives. This is an absolute fact.

Badger doesn’t shoot from the hip. His approach is measured, tempered by research and reason, always meticulously professional. In my experience, any conclusion at which he arrives is heavily skewed to be correct. If he’s imploring you to get the vaccine you’d be a fool not to do so. Okay, an even bigger fool than you are for not having already heeded the profusion of expertise.

State epidemiologist Benjamin Chan spoke of the alarming uptick in caseloads in New Hampshire schools contributing to community spread. “I am concerned with what we are seeing...with the increasing trajectory of transmission in our children, rapidly increasing number of clusters and outbreaks in schools, and the size of the clusters and outbreaks in schools.” Chan asserts masks should be worn by all in school.

The 2016 movie “Bad Moms” was uproariously funny — the sequel, “A Bad Moms Christmas,” less so. That trend continues in 2021’s installment, “Bad Moms v. Conway School Board.” While no less absurd, the humor has all but gone by the wayside. Are masks absolutely proven to curtail transmission? No. Does it make sense that masks help contain and filter viral particles? Yes. Is it best practice to err on the side of medical expertise and recommendations as we try absolutely everything to quell these outbreaks? Without question. And really, how difficult is it to simply wear a mask in public for a while out of respect for others and your community? Not very.

And now we have the Koch-fueled “Bad Moms for Liberty” who’ve taken up bounty hunting in N.H. This has nothing to do with reproductive rights a la the recently energized Texas vigilantism — although I imagine it’s just a matter of time. No, “Bad Moms for Liberty” is offering a $500 bounty for ratting out public school teachers in an effort to expose that insidious threat to life and liberty, critical race theory! Mind you, not one of the bad moms could accurately define CRT much less hold an intelligent discussion on the concept.

Despite having signed into law the impetus for these crazies, the Right to Freedom from Discrimination in Public Workplaces and Education, Gov. Chris Sununu blasted the bad moms’ effort as “wholly inappropriate.” (Chris, might I suggest you be a tad more discriminating with your signature?)

Republican columnist Michael Gerson wrote, “In any system of learning fit for a liberal democracy, children are introduced to basic questions about life and history that might bring them beyond the views of parents. This is not indoctrination. It is education.” While parents should assume an active role in the education of their children, “the role of public schools is not merely derivative of parental authority,” but “helping children to gain the critical core of knowledge and conviction that allows them to become informed, independent-minded citizens.”

Lastly, there’s the continuing demonization of Anthony Fauci. In 2020, Fauci was so revered his name was bestowed upon no small number of pandemic puppies. In 2021 he’s torturing beagles! If this sounds absurd that’s because it is. It began, as do all items of reason, as a tweet. It took off from there, even inciting lawmakers led by conspiracy theorist and foremost Fauci foe Rand Paul, always the first to jump on the Fauci-discreditation train.

The beagle experiments are/were being conducted in Tunisia, and NOT with NIAID funding as initially erroneously reported. I think we of all political persuasions can agree that experimenting on beagles is reprehensible. They ought to be using coonhounds.

Jonna Carter lives in South Conway with her husband and five crazy rescue dogs.

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