10-24 Lakeview Drive house

Kristopher Dube, who was shot and killed in this house at 10 Lakeview Drive in Wolfeboro on Sunday night, was serving a home confinement sentence for a charge of being a felon in possession of a weapon. (ADAM DRAPCHO PHOTO/LACONIA DAILY SUN)

WOLFEBORO — The man who was shot and killed by an unknown assailant in a home on Lakeview Drive on Sunday night was serving a home confinement sentence for being a felon in possession of a weapon.

Jeff Lyons, public information officer for the state Department of Corrections, said Kristopher Dube, 36, had prior felony convictions for heroin-related crimes in Strafford County.

Dube would have been eligible for parole next Jan. 2.

A woman who was also shot at the 10 Lakeview Drive residence remained in critical condition and, as of Tuesday night, the Attorney General’s office, state and local police, were still looking for the person or people who shot her and killed Dube while they were inside the home on Sunday.

However, Jeffery Strelzin, associate attorney general, said there’s no reason to believe that others in the community should consider themselves in danger.

“We don’t have any specific information to lead us to believe that the public is at risk due to this incident. In any case where a crime like this has taken place and an arrest has not been made, they should take caution,” he said on Tuesday afternoon. He encouraged anyone seeing something unusual to report it to their local police department.

Strelzin said that there has been no change in the status of Kathleen Moran, 36, who was taken to a hospital on Sunday night with gunshot wounds. On Monday, Strelzin’s office said Moran was in “critical condition.”

He declined to say whether a suspect had been identified but added: “The investigation is active and ongoing. It is something our office, the state police and Wolfeboro Police are working very hard on.”

The shooting was reported to police through a 911 call shortly before 9 p.m. on Oct. 21. Dube was pronounced dead at the scene. Other residents of the home were uninjured.

A resident of Lakeview Drive said she and her neighbors, who live on the dead-end road about a mile from downtown Wolfeboro, have been uneasy since their road was flooded with police on Sunday night.

“Is there a suspect, a killer, that we need to be worried about? We haven’t had an answer from police,” said the resident, who asked to not be named.

She said the home where the shooting happened was owned by Dube’s parents, who lived there with Dube’s young daughter, over whom they had custody. Dube moved in this summer, and she noticed he had an ankle monitor and that he didn’t join his family members on walks into town.

The resident heard he had been convicted of drug crimes and that “he was trying to start his life.”

The neighborhood changed when Dube moved in, the neighbor said. “There were scary characters that came around because of Kris,” she said. He also let his dog roam loose, and engaged in what she considered “disrespectful behavior,” such as playing wiffleball in the cemetery across the street.

When she confronted Dube, he responded with obscenities, she said.

Yet she also saw a man devoted to his daughter.

“He really loved his daughter. I really got the impression that he wanted to make good with her,” the neighbor said. The “boisterous” girl, whom she guessed to be around 6 years old, was typically playing outside, often with her father.

“You could hear the squeals of delight coming from the child — he was trying to be a good father for her,” she said. “I just can’t imagine, this kid has already been through so much trauma. It’s tragic, it’s really tragic that a little kid has to grow up that way.”

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