Armando Barron and wife Brittany Barron are seen in their booking mugshots. (POLICE PHOTOS)

LANCASTER — Prosecutors in the Jonathan Amerault murder case filed notice in court that they plan to introduce evidence that the woman charged with cutting the head off Amerault’s body, Britany Barron, was capable of using a gun.

Britany Barron, 31, is claiming she acted under duress because she was afraid of her husband, Armando Barron, when she beheaded Amerault and destroyed other evidence.

Armando Barron, 30, is charged with capital murder for allegedly torturing and then shooting Amerault, 25, of Keene after Armando discovered his wife and Amerault’s romantic relationship.

Armando is also charged with beating Britany, choking her and putting a loaded gun in her mouth, on the night of Sept. 19, 2020, when he discovered text messages between her and Amerault.

Prosecutors Benjamin Agati and Scott Chase, both with the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, filed a notice with the Coos Superior Court stating they will bring evidence to trial that Britany Barron was capable of using a gun. Court records show Britany Barron had access to a gun soon after Amerault was shot.

“Britany Barron was familiar with the operation of firearms and was familiar with the carrying and/or operation of firearms owned by herself and Armando Barron,” the prosecutors wrote in their notice.

After discovering the texts in his wife’s phone and allegedly savagely beating Britany, Armando Barron then used her phone to lure Amerault to a state park in Rindge, where the murder took place, according to court records. Armando Barron allegedly tried and failed to get his wife to kill him, according to court records.

Armando Barron shot Amerault three times, then the Barrons went to their Jaffrey home and packed camping supplies before they drove to a remote camping site in Atkinson and Gilmanton Academy Grant in Coos County, according to police.

“While loading the camping gear into the car, (Britany Barron) heard Jonathan moaning in the back of his car. According to the defendant, ‘He was just going, ‘Ugh, Ugh, Ugh,’ over and over again,” Agati wrote.

During the packing up in Jaffrey and while Amerault was reportedly still alive, according to Agati’s motion, Britany Barron was armed. Armando Barron put the gun he used to kill Amerault in her backpack and by the time she got back into the car, though, the noises stopped, she told investigators.

Armando Barron drove his truck while Britany Barron drove Amerault’s car. At the campsite Britany Barron sawed Amerault’s head from his body, destroyed cell phones, and burned Amerault’s identifications, according to court records. She also buried his head and body in separate locations and hid the car under a tarp, according to court records.

Britany Barron’s attorney, Richard Guerriero, said his client was a victim on the night of the murder along with Amerault.

“Britany knew enough about firearms and was a strong enough person to refuse to shoot Jonathan Amerault, even after Armando had put a gun in her mouth and threatened her life,” Guerriero said.

“And she knew enough about firearms that — after Armando beat her, threatened her with a firearm, and shot and killed Jonathan in front of her — Armando would surely shoot and kill her too if she did not help him try to hide Jonathan’s body. So, yes, she did have experiences that gave her some knowledge of firearms.”

Britany Barron is due to be arraigned on charges later this month in Coos Superior Court. She was indicted on three felony counts of falsifying physical evidence, and a misdemeanor count of abusing a corpse.

Armando Barron is set to be arraigned in Cheshire Superior Court, though the date has not yet been set. Both Barrons are being held without bail.

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