JACKSON – The controversial issue of short-term rentals will take center stage this evening in Jackson and the Kearsarge Lighting Precinct.

In Jackson, the planning board will reconvene for a meeting at 7:30 p.m. at town offices on a proposed zoning amendment to govern short-term rentals in the residential rural zone.

The session continues a three-hour long public hearing held Thursday, Jan. 16.

The proposal states that short-term rentals are permitted in all zoning districts by a conditional use permit pursuant to several stipulations.

At the board’s Jan. 16 session, planning board chair Bill Terry and vice chair Scott Badger reported that the latest version of the proposed short-term rentals amendment would not require inspections of short-term properties.

Instead, after conferring earlier that day with Town Attorney Peter Malia, they presented an amended version which would require owners of a short-term rental unit to sign an affadavit which would certify that several factors were met concerning safety and other pertinent issues.

Another key component of the amendment is that the owner of a short-term rental unit would provide proof of a current N.H. Rooms and Meals Tax license number.

Another component is that in the rural residential district only, short-term rentals would be limited to 25 rentals per dwelling unit annually unless “the unit or another unit on the same property is occupied by at least one full time resident.”

The proposed zoning amendment is posted at the Jackson Post Office, at the town offices and also online at tinyurl.com/jaxstr.

Meanwhile, the Kearsarge Lighting Precinct will hold its public hearing on two zoning proposals at the John Fuller Elementary School in North Conway also at 6:30 p.m.

Proposed Amendment No. 1, proposed by the Kearsarge Lighting commissioners, seeks to amend Article V.B.1 to replace the existing paragraph d with the following language: “All residential properties that offer, for any consideration, sleeping accommodations to transient occupants shall be owner-occupied and operated. Any person, or persons, renting sleeping accommodations for more than sixty (60) days shall not be considered transient occupants and the residential property does not have to be owner-occupied and operated.”

Proposed Amendment No. 5, submitted by petition, seeks to amend Article V.B.1 to replace the existing paragraph with a process to allow rentals of fewer than 30 days and regulate the rental of the sleeping accommodations. The process would involve the owner of the rental property applying for a conditional use permit from the KLP, to be renewed annually. To obtain a permit, the owner would have to agree with 8 conditions spelled out in the proposed ordinance.

The proposals are on file for public inspection on the Kearsarge Lighting Precinct website: kearsargelightingprecinct.org.

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