CONCORD — Attorney General John M. Formella, State Police Col. Nathan Noyes and Belmont Police Chief Mark Lewandoski announce the following information in connection with the discovery of a deceased adult female in Belmont on Sept. 9.

On that day, the Belmont Police Department responded to a waste transfer station and found the deceased body of Jessica Lurvey (age 28).

Lurvey’s body arrived at the transfer station among the contents of a disposal truck and had been discovered when contents were being removed and separated.

Twelve days later, the deceased body of Matthew Schofield, age 29, was found at a solid waste facility in Lewiston, Maine. The facility in Maine where Schofield’s body was found was a facility at which waste would continue on for processing from the Belmont transfer facility.

N.H. Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Mitchell Weinberg concluded that Lurvey died as a result of crush injuries, and her manner of death has been ruled accidental — to wit, crushed by trash compactor while intoxicated by fentanyl.

According to the Maine Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Schofield’s death has been ruled accidental. His cause of death is undetermined, either acute polysubstance intoxication or crush injury.

Based on the investigation conducted into the deaths of Lurvey and Schofield, who were involved in a prior romantic relationship, it appears that on the evening of Sept. 8, during a heavy rainstorm, the two sought shelter from the inclement weather in a large trash or recycling bin, which was mechanically picked up by and loaded into a compacting waste removal vehicle.

The contents of the vehicle, including the bodies of Lurvey and Schofield, were then brought to the waste facility in Belmont. There, Lurvey’s body was discovered during the waste sorting process.

Schofield’s body was not discovered at the Belmont facilit, but was further transferred with waste products to the facility in Maine where his body was subsequently discovered.

Lurvey, like Schofield, was intoxicated by drugs at the time of her death, a circumstance that likely factored into her accidental death.

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