GLEN — Dr. Jonathan Burroughs, a physician with over 43 years of experience, has offered to answer community members’ questions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Please email your questions to He will be happy to answer as many as he can. Some of the questions and answers may be printed in a future edition of the Sun.

Question: Can I visit my family members currently? I (and several other family members) have minor symptoms.

Answer: The only way to safely visit family members currently is through home-based testing. EverlyWell in Texas has announced the availability of home testing kits for COVID-19 that can help to determine who has the disease and who does not. Unfortunately, individuals early in the course of the disease may have a low enough viral load to have a "false negative" test that may turn positive. Thus, there is some risk of spreading the disease with visitation, even with testing.

The other complicating factor is whether someone in your family is potentially higher risk, either through age or underlying medical condition. These are difficult decisions. The ideal is separation; however, each family has special needs and requirements that must be met throughout the pandemic while tempering that with containment of the spread of the disease.

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