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Erin Wright and Harold Stanten are the owners of Vanguard Coaching. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Serial entrepreneurs Erin Wright and Howard Stanten of Vanguard Coaching have opened a new office in Exeter, while maintaining their office in Conway Village.  

“We’ve been quite successful in the Mount Washington Valley, and our second location in Exeter offers us access to an expanded market,” Stanten said.

“Vanguard Coaching is our third successful local business.” Wright continued.  “After starting, growing, and selling both The Met Coffee House and Good Vibes Coffee Roasters, we took what we loved most about being business owners, working with our staff to help them grow personally and professionally, and opened our professional coaching business, which up until now has focused on leadership development and organizational team alignment.”

Not only is Vanguard Coaching opening a new office, Stanten and Wright are bringing a new focus to their work.

“We’ve had a great deal of interest from couples looking to breathe new life into their relationships,” Stanten said. “If we don’t put a conscious effort into working on our relationships, they can tend to get stagnant and quite frankly, boring.  Relationship Coaching helps couples who are still very much committed to their relationship to get into better communication so that they can create a more joyful, fulfilling life together around common dreams and goals.”

“Our work in leadership development and with teams has always focused on relationship building," Wright said. "That’s what we worked on the hardest when we owned The Met and Good Vibes. We’ll continue with our work in these areas, and we’re very excited to expand our focus into working with couples to help them get clear on what they want and then making that happen.”

To contact Vanguard Coaching, email or call (603) 986-0153.

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