CONWAY — If you are currently receiving health insurance through the State of New Hampshire’s Granite Advantage Program, you may be required to participate in community engagement starting on June 1.

If you are an adult enrolled in Medicaid in New Hampshire and you are not pregnant, disabled or residing in a nursing facility, you are likely receiving coverage through Granite Advantage.

Granite Advantage is the new name for the New Hampshire Health Protection Program, also known as Expanded Medicaid. Community engagement is a new work requirement for those receiving coverage through Granite Advantage. In order to maintain Medicaid eligibility, you may be required to participate in the community engagement part of Granite Advantage.

Granite Advantage members should have received a letter within the last few months indicating if their participation in community engagement is mandatory or if they are exempt from participation. If you receive your health insurance through Granite Advantage and your participation is mandatory, you will need to track and report 100 hours per month of participation in work or other community engagement activities beginning on June 1.

The Community Engagement requirements may be met through one or more of the following activities: employment, training, education, job searching, community service or public service, caregiving services, participation in substance use disorder treatment and participation in another work requirement, such as for SNAP or the NH Employment Program.

Exempt is a member status that means the member is not required to participate in community engagement. You may be exempt if you are:

• Disabled.

• Pregnant.

• Medically frail (as certified by a licensed medical professional).

• Temporarily sick, incapacitated, or getting treatment in the hospital, including residential or outpatient substance use disorder treatment for more than 9 hours per week.

• A parent of a dependent under age 6 or a caretaker.

• Participating in a state-certified drug court program, as certified by the Administrative Office of the Superior Court.

• Exempt from another work requirement, including NHEP and SNAP.

• Enrolled in the Health Insurance Premium Payment Program.

If a member is working, then the letter also indicates the total number of employment hours that have been applied to the community engagement requirement. For example, if someone has shown through their paystub proofs that they are working 22 hours a week, then the total for the month is 88 hours. This means that the member is required to either participate in 12 additional work hours, participate in 12 additional hours of a variety of acceptable community engagement activities, or apply for an exemption or good cause as to why the additional hours were not completed.

More details about exemptions, community engagement activities, and the Granite Advantage Health Care Program in general are available online at

There are a variety of ways to report your community engagement activities:

• Over the phone: Call 1-844-275-3447 to report your information.

• By mail: Send your information to Centralized Scanning Unit, N.H. Department of Health and Human Services, PO Box 3778, Concord, NH 03302-3778.

• Online: Go to your account at to report.

• In person: You may visit any of the eleven DHHS District Offices. In Conway, the District Office is located at 73 Hobbs St.

If you are confused about which forms to submit or question if you are eligible for an exemption, free assistance is available with Beth Dyson, affordable healthcare assister at White Mountain Community Health Center. Dyson is available by appointment on Mondays and Tuesdays at White Mountain Community Health Center, located on Route 16 just north of Conway Village. Appointments can be made by calling (603) 447-8900. If possible, you should bring your login information for the NH Easy site to your appointment, along with any information you have about your work activity and Medicaid eligibility.

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