Lisa DuFault of Mount Washington Valley Promotions (left) and Peter Edwards of Zeb's Charitable Foundation flank (from left) Rosemary Normandin, Judi Bowes and Robin Hain from the board of MWV Supports Recovery Coalition. (LILY CHICK PHOTO)

CONWAY — Zeb’s General Store and Mount Washington Valley Promotions have united to recognize the best non-profits in the valley.

The first award, called Community Compassion, for this new initiative, was presented to Mt. Washington Valley Supports Recovery Coalition by Mount Washington Valley Promotions at the Volunteers of the Year Event at the Bartlett Congregational Church on Sunday.

The Recovery Coalition also received a $2,500 grant from the Zeb’s Charitable Fund.

Zeb’s Charitable Fund has supported numerous non-profits since its inception in 2007, with grants now totaling almost $250,000.

David Peterson and Peter Edwards, co-owners of Zeb’s General Store, thought that it would be appropriate to publicize the work performed by so many hard working non-profits in the Mt. Washington Valley by working with Valley Promotions to make an annual grant to a non-profit organization that would be selected by Mount Washington Valley Promotions as one of the best non-profits in the valley.

Mount Washington Valley Promotions was formed by Lisa DuFault in 2007 to be a resource for all non-profits in the valley. A non-profit in its own right, Mount Washington Valley Promotions has as its mission to serve as a “Chamber of Non-Profits” for the area organizations. The Volunteers of the Year Awards is just one of the numerous collaborative events hosted by Valley Promotions annually.

“It is very difficult to say any one non-profit is the best, as there are so many that all do incredibly good work for the community," Edwards said.

"But through this initiative, we hope to bring attention to the efforts of so many that volunteer their time to help those in need”.

DuFault said how pleased she was to be make her annual Volunteers Event that much more special with the Community Compassion Award sponsored by Zeb’s, and especially pleased that it went to an organization that has made such a difference in the lives of those who suffer with substance abuse.

The selection committee was “enthusiastic to acknowledge the mission of Mount Washington Valley Supports Recovery Coalition by choosing them to be the recipient of the 2021 Community Compassion Award. This award recognizes their important work in our community in providing support to individuals and families experiencing substance use disorder, and supports their goal of establishing the MWV Transition House.”

For more information on Mount Washington Valley Promotions, Zeb’s General Store Charitable Fund, and MWV Support Recovery Coalition, go to valleypromotions.net, zebs.com. or mwvsupportsrecovery.org.

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