It’s hard to believe that the North Country Hockey League completed its regular season games Monday night and will begin playoffs on Monday.

In Game 1, Mr. Pizza beat Fagin’s Pub, 4-2.

After a 1-1 tie at the end of period 1, Mr. Pizza went on a tear with three unanswered goals in the second period and held on to the two-goal lead to win their seventh game of the season and secure that No. 2 seed in the upcoming playoffs.

In the first period, at 1:34 the Pub’s Matt Soprano scored with an assist from Derrick Gagne, followed by a Mr. Pizza goal at 10:30 by Sawyer Sanschagrin from Cam Cochran and Shane Warren.

In the second period, Mr. Pizza scored three times: at 2:52 by Erik Guilbeault (unassisted); at 4:09, Sawyer Sanschagrin from Erik Guilbeault and Travis L’Heureux; and at 7:15, Travis L’Heureux from Erik Guilbeault.

 In the third period, the Pub came back with a goal at 2:04 by Matt Soprano from Craig Villeneuve and Evan Bledsoe, but it wasn’t enough to take back the game.

Goalies Johnny Parkhurst of Mr. Pizza had 21 saves on 23 shots; and the Pub’s Zach Cascadden had 14 saves on 18 shots.

In Game 2, Amoskeag continued their scoring binge with seven goals and their ninth win of the season while holding the T&C to a single goal.  

The teams were tied at one apiece with 4 seconds left in the first period when Amoskeag began its domination with a goal, followed by five more in the next two periods to win going away.

In the first period, the play was back and forth. Amoskeag’s Tom Bisson scored at 9:47 with assists from Al Martin and Tyler Martin.

T&C’s Cody Martin then got an unassited goal at 10:26; followed quickly by Amoskeag at 10:56 (Tom Bisson from Tyler Martin and Ethan Dorval).

From then on it was Amoskeag all the way. It the second period the team cored two more goals, at 3:17 (Ben Hall from Tom Bisson and Tyler Martin) and at 4:40 (Zach Perreault from Mark Bisson and Mike Wedge).

Then the team had three more in the third: at 8:26, Al Martin from Ethan Dorval; 9:28, Tyler Martin from Ethan Dorval and Ben Hall; and 9:45 Ethan Dorval from Ben Hall and Zach Perreault (an all-defensemen goal).

Amoskeag’s Scat Middleton had 12 saves on 13 shots and T&C’s Adam Riendeau (sub) had 23 saves on 30 shots in the game.

Final standings

1. Amoskeag, 9-2-1.

2. Mr. Pizza 7-3-1    

3. Fagin’s Pub 4-7-1        

4. T&C 4-8   

Playoffs will begin on Monday at 7 p.m. when No. 1 Amoskeag faces No. 4 T & C, followed by No. 2 Mr. Pizza against No. 3 Fagins Pub at 8:15 p.m.

The playoff format will be a two-out-of-three series, with games on Thursday, Feb. 27, and if necessary Monday, March 2.  The finals will be held March 5, 9 and 12 (if necessary).

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