As part of their show, the Harlem Wizards invite children from the audience to join them for tricks. (COURTESY PHOTO)

GORHAM — The Harlem Wizards, an interactive, fun, community basketball event is coming to Gorham.

Gorham High School student council is hosting the world-famous Harlem Wizards at the school gymnasium on Wednesday, Jan. 22, at 7 p.m. for an evening of great fun and fundraising.

The Wizards will play a game against a team of Edward Fenn Elementary and Gorham Middle and High School teachers, students and principals.

The energy at a Wizards game is electric. The laughter is infectious. The dunks are rim-rattling, high-flying and awe-inspiring. The hoop artistry, ball-handling, tricks and teamwork are mesmerizing.

What really takes it to another level is the hometown participation from the kid’s on-court experiences, to the teachers and principals who take on the Wizards as the “hometown heroes.” Besides cheering for their teachers, the kids are involved all night long. They will all have a chance to get on the court.

Pre-game, any child or teen with a Wizards jersey can warm-up with the Wizards.

Courtside Plus ticket holders receive first-row seating and meet privately with some of the Wizard players before the game for a meet-and-greet.

Throughout the game, audience members will be asked to volunteer in different contests and acts. And the end of night, final moments includes an invitation to all students to come onto the court for a dance celebration with the Wizards.

To purchase tickets, and for more information, go to harlemwizards.com.  Tickets may also be purchased at the Gorham Middle and High School main office.

Further information can also be found on the Gorham Middle and High School Facebook page.

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