To the editor:

I noted former Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Berlin on June 4, saying he's running for president to unify the country; and restore "decency and honor" which our country has lost.

He states, "What's broken is the political system and politicians looking at those with opposing views as the enemy; and setting people against each other." Plus,"The country needs another direction regarding climate change" — inviting all to his website to examine his Climate Plan.

Global warming is happening, but not for the reasons he identifies. What governments of the USA, Russia, France, England and Red China won't admit to, is that it was their thermo-nuclear H-bomb tests between early 1950s and 1963 that are the primary cause. This is why there are giant holes in the ozone layer at our planet's polar ice caps, as well as a reduction of the remaining ozone covering the rest of the planet.

Fact check "Ozone Holes at Polar Ice-Caps" and Los Alamos New Mexico Scientific Laboratory's Report on "United States High-Altitude Test Experiences" by Herman Hoerlin, U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration.

Many Nuclear Bomb Science Reports are declassified and available via fees to the general public. In short, the end-run is to hold ordinary citizens responsible for global warming; and tax them for their carbon footprints.

The Democratic Party (and their presidential candidates') failure to recognize and deal with the very real invasion of this country by unlawful Mexican, Central American, and Sunni Muslim immigrants not only endangers U.S. citizens' lives; but constitutes true dereliction of duty by current Democrat representatives and senators.

Democrat controlled California exemplifies what uncontrolled immigration and a porous border, oppressive taxation, over-population and the loss of National Sovereignty. This is what Democratic policies, if unchecked, will bring here, too!

New Hampshire Democratic politicians are trying to sneak in a state income tax via House Bill 198. This bill addresses prohibitions concerning phones while driving, yet the "Amendment' to it sponsored by N.H. Sens. Jeanne Dietsch and Martha Fuller Clark establishes a 6.2 percent tax on income above $132,900; subject to "annual adjustments."

N.H. Rep. MacDonald to his credit asks, "What does a state income tax have to do with using phones, etc., in cars? I'd answer noting. But it has everything to do with bringing in sanctuary cities/state and welfare government benefits for masses of people that will always vote Democrat. Warning? Warning? Will Robinson!

John Sullivan


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