To the editor:

There is much that I disagree with in the budget now being considered by the New Hampshire Legislature, particularly the choice to underfund basic social needs, to cut taxes on the wealthy and to shift the costs to the property taxpayer.

These are all legitimate issues to debate in a budget. A ban on abortion and on the exercise of free speech do not belong in a state budget. Nor does an expensive provision that will take money away from public schools.

The ban on abortion at 24 weeks has virtually no exception, including no exception for rape, incest or the health of the fetus. The expertise of doctors will be replaced by the opinions of politicians.

The ban on teaching “divisive concepts” is an attempt to muzzle free speech. It sends the message that NH does not value diversity or welcome people of color, and it is widely opposed by the education and business communities.

SB 130 expands school vouchers, and it has been snuck into the budget so that we don’t get to learn what it will cost us in increased property taxes.

Please let your state senator and our governor know that you oppose including these provisions in the budget. We deserve the right to debate each of these on its own.

David Blair


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