McDonalds offers vaccines in Gorham

Jo Oliver, RN, onsite medical nurse for McDonald’s puts a band-aid on the arm of Mary Newman after giving her a COVID-19 vaccine. Newman, who is the Rumford, Maine, McDonald’s general manager, drove to Gorham to receive the vaccine. (PAUL ROBITAILLE PHOTO)

GORHAM — The McDonald’s in Gorham held a vaccine clinic for anyone who wanted to participate Tuesday at the store’s location on 240 Main St.

Some 15 residents and McDonald’s staff participated in the vaccine clinic.

Rachel Kaprielian, New England Government relations lead for McDonald’s, said, “Since we started around 10:30 a.m., there has always been someone in the chair receiving the vaccine.”

Kaprielian said, “We are offering this clinic to anyone. Today we have both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines available.”

Kim Grace area supervisor for McDonald’s said, “We want to make it as easy for everyone to get the vaccine, especially our employees. In the beginning of the pandemic, we had to close a few times.

“We hope by doing this we won’t have too again. We want to keep our employees safe.”

Kaprielian said, “We vaccinated 110 people at the McDonald’s in Waterville Valley and 15 at the Rumford, Maine, McDonald’s yesterday.”

Mary Newman, the Rumford, Maine, McDonald’s general manager said she had driven to Gorham to receive the vaccine because she had missed the clinic at her own store.

“Now both my husband and I are vaccinated.” she said.

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