3-11-2023 Parsons-Peter Samuelson

Peter Samuelson digging for beryl crystals in Evans Notch. (ED PARSONS PHOTO)

My friend Peter Samuelson passed away in January 2023 in a Maine hospice after a battle with lung cancer. To rock hounds near and far he was legendary, having prospected for crystals in the White Mountain most of his adult life. One of his finds is in the Smithsonian. A crystal named Samuelsonite is named for him.

On a different note, talk of a Sasquatch bubbles up around here once in a while and there has been some recent talk. I thought I would reprint this article I wrote in 2006 about an encounter that Samuelson claimed he had in the Ossipee Mountains with his girlfriend and his dog. You can decide for yourself if you believe it.

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Gregory Wallace

Welllll, every time someone sees one of these they either get the willys and run but the creature never catches them or they fail to take a picture. Then when there is a picture it is always grainy and can't tell what you are looking at. They still push the film with the guy in the gorilla suit and say it's "Evidence". No hunter has shot one and game camera's come up empty. Then there is quality thermal imaging that can see literally in the dark. Then there is the time in the 70s when A girl friend and I saw something crash into Lake Massabesic at night. We never did find out what it was and I even checked FAA crash records. Now that is a story.



I had not heard that my friend Peter S. had passed away. He would call the radio station often to keep my up to date. I met him in the 1980's and more recently he had given me pictures of him skiing in his youth at Cranmore and some other personal articles. I enjoyed him very much! If you can, could you offer me more info on his passing?

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