To the editor:

The House of Representatives has now formally passed a resolution mandating an impeachment inquiry of the president by a vote of 232-196.

To nobody's surprise, it was a partisan vote, with only two Democrats from districts won by President Trump in 2016 defecting from the party leadership.

All Republicans voted against the resolution.

How does this compare to the vote endorsing an impeachment inquiry of President Clinton in 1998? That vote was 258-176 with 31 Democrats deserting Clinton and voting in favor of the resolution. Republicans at this stage are sticking with President Trump much more than the Democrats did with President Clinton.

What is likely to happen after the Intelligence and Judiciary committees conclude their hearings? As was obvious from the beginning, the Democratic controlled House will pass articles of impeachment against the president. The Republican-controlled Senate will acquit President Trump at trial.

There are legitimate opinions on both sides as to whether President Trump should be impeached, convicted or re-elected. They deserve to be responded to in a respectful, rational and objective manner.

And don't look for objectivity from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who opposed the impeachment of President Clinton on charges of lying under oath, i.e., perjury, and obstruction of justice, i.e., witness tampering, regarding the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit, but who now supports the impeachment of President Trump.

Nor should you look for objectivity from Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, who led the impeachment drive against President Clinton while a member of the House, but who now opposes the impeachment of President Trump for withholding congressionally authorized military aid for the purpose of bullying Ukraine into investigating the Bidens while facing Russian aggression.

If you find yourself in agreement with Speaker Pelosi or Sen. Graham, you might not be as unbiased as you think.

Voorhees Dunn, Ph.D.


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