To the editor:

What is the difference between responsible environmental stewardship and fanatical, apocalyptic, end of the world, the sky is falling environmental extremism?

About $2 a gallon.

Mark Sketchley


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Scott, so called 'big oil' has been investing in green technologies for most of the last decade. Even they know the future is electric or other than fossil. Having said that, they also know that fossil fuels are here for decades to come.

Scott Shallcross

Big oil (the top 25 oil and gas companies) made a record $237 billion in profits last year. Big oil has been aware of the catastrophic consequences of reliance on fossil fuels for four decades.


Actually, the "record profits" have far more to do with the RECORD-BREAKING INFLATION.

As the dollar loses its value, the price of oil rises accordingly. At least while the world continues to use Petro-Dollars as the means of exchange.

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