To the editor:

My major question is, can columnist Glenn Knoblock write about anything other than Trump hate? Is The Conway Daily Sun giving him a political edict or something? I’m sure they’re not. Say what you will about columnists Marvel and McLaughlin, they also let us into their lives, personalities, beliefs, etc., not always politics. It’s a nice change of pace. There are almost a zillion things you could possibly take on in a column.

Glenn, make us interested in you, because right now I can’t get there. I see your name and go into scan mode. The “I blame Trump, I hate Trump, I blame Trump again” stuff is getting so tired. He’s a non-politician that isn’t a politician.

I don’t know what your expectations were, but mine weren’t very high. Your column was generally that Trump made promises and hasn’t kept them. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, a president that doesn’t keep promises. Shocked. The Daily Sun doesn’t have enough ink and paper in its stash to list broken promises made by presidents. See, the thing is and you may not be aware, but the Senate requires 60 votes to pass legislation, so even when you hold all three branches of government, keeping promises is impossible without bipartisanship.

Larry Day


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