To the editor:

The Executive Council showed great wisdom and strength in rejecting a pay increase for Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut. I have known each of the commissioners for the past 45 years and had great admiration for their advocacy for New Hampshire children and our public schools. Unfortunately, Gov. Chris Sununu put forward a commissioner with absolutely no experience or basic understanding of our public schools and the responsibilities every New Hampshire community bears for their children.

Mr. Edelblut has demonstrated his disdain for public education and his desire to cripple the system, moving funds from public education to support private, religious-based and charter schools. Mr. Edelblut is a “Mini-DeVos,” following the lead of our current U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, another political appointee with no understanding at all of the purpose of public education in our democracy.

This is not a one-party problem. Former Gov. John Lynch is responsible for changing the hiring of our education commissioner from the state Board of Education to the governor’s recommendation. This wrong move continues to make our children political pawns at great cost. Our Executive Council is to be applauded for their action.

Kent Hemingway Jr.


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Andru Volinsky

Thank you for this letter. It was my pleasure to stand up for the public school children and teachers of New Hampshire and ensure that our current Education Commissioner is not rewarded for his incompetence. When I am governor, I pledge to fight for a better future for every child in our state.

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