To the editor:

Ignorance — just yesterday I was reminded by someone who wrote a letter that he would rather be with the extreme left, rather then the extreme right.

Does this individual know that Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, Kim Il Sung were all of the extreme left? Total murders under these men, easily reached over a 100 million people. Have our schools failed us? Now let us ask, who on the extreme right does he not prefer? Perhaps Jefferson, Lincoln, Reagan?

As to the letter writer, well he is to be pitied, but at the same time he should scare us all with his ignorance. When someone knows so little and pontificates by simply mouthing such inane words we are in deep dung.

Bill Moasca

Lovell, Maine

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"Who on the extreme right does he not prefer?" I'm guessing Donald "I wanna be a dictator" Trump. Thank God he's gone.

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